Redemption Value



Organ recital + walking tour through the heart of Amsterdam led by metaphysical clean-up crew

De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (2015)

For Redemption Value, Ruchama Noorda led a walking tour and clean up crew through the Wallen and circling the Dam, the ancient trade and transport hub, and site of the naked Anabaptist uprising of 1535. The tour mapped the secret history of Amsterdam via the lines of spiritual intensity, persecution, transcendence and immersion in the flesh that criss-cross at the city’s heart. The ‘dwaling’ included breathing exercises and moments of silent meditation. Inside the supermarket housed in the Mercurius Building – named for Mercury, the Roman god of commerce, boundaries, trickery and thieves – we paused at the spot where the network of ley lines on which Amsterdam is built converge. Our route shadowed at an angle the route around the Oude Kerk taken by the Silent Circumambulation (Stille Omgang), the Catholic ritual that takes place every year to commemorate the Miracle of the Host (1345). The ‘dwaling’ begun at the Oude Kerk with an organ recital composed and performed by Gunnar Gunnsteinsson.

video documentation:

Part of ‘Nachtelijke Dwalingen’ – Curated by Julia Geerlings with the collaboration of Rieke Vos.

Photography: Nachito Pike.