Publication for Grotto at A Certain Lack Of Coherence, Porto

a4 black & white 11 pages April 2019


℞eForm Dissertation PhDArts
Design: Paul Gangloff, English, 250 pp, 13 × 20 cm, laser print in black with full color dust jacket


CIVIC VIRTUE collaborated with Paul Gangloff to publish the publication, which includes an illustrated interview with CIVIC VIRTUE by Tim Voss, and an original Epic Poem by CIVIC VIRTUE.
This pamphlet is published in an edition of 500 copies on the occasion of Civic Virtue The Grand Tour, February 22 to March 31 2013 at W139, Amsterdam.
Designed by Paul Gangloff and Civic Virtue
Edited by Civic Virtue and Tim Voss
Printed by Holbox, Echt (NL) on HH Gesatineerd MC
Set in Excelsior and Berthold Imago.
Pages: 32
Civic Virtue Magazine

My article: Reform and Education is published in See it again Say it Again: The Artist as Researcher editted by Janneke Wesseing and published by Valiz


Bel’s Pilgrimage, A hiking guide
Bel’s Pilgrimage is the title of Ruchama Noorda’s tour on Sunday, October 20 and 27 2013. This tour focuses on the medicinal qualities of the landscape. In a walking route between the Eyserbos and Holset she interweaves stories of local devotion, healing water and edible loess. Purified the public reaches its final destination.
Design: Paul Gangloff
Life in the Woods
In opdracht van Marres Project Maastricht, Taak Amsterdam en Bureau Europa
oplage: 300


NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO EAT, Diepenheim, 2012
NILMDTE explored the history and contemporary art practice-changing ideas about life and art that symbolize alternative forms of community and social change. Artists: Ruchama Noorda, Kathrin Schlegel, Melanie Bonajo, Francisco Camacho, William Speakman, Graham Hudson, Frank Koolen, Dan Geesin, Gil & Moti, Paulien Oltheten.
Beeld: Paulien Oltheten, Ruchama Noorda
Vormgeving Floor Koomen
druk: Muller Visuals / Rob Stolk
oplage: 500


Club Donny # 10, biannual magazine on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment.
contains contributions from: Max Andrews, Maria Barnas, Hanan Benammar, Sarah Jones, Richard John Jones, Lucas Lenglet, Ruchama Noorda, Pauline Oltheten, Domeniek Ruyters, William Speakman, Theo Tegelaers, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jacob Wick, and Aly Song